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sit back & Unwind or find your adventure – you Set the pace

How you pace yourself in Bandon is entirely up to you. We pride ourselves on a small-town attitude that’s relaxed and unhurried.

Toss a crab pot in the water and kick back on the dock. Or, stroll through Old Town, then head back to the water to see what’s bitin’.

If it’s excitement you crave, our ocean-going and river-fishing guides will give you a workout. Or, grab a fat tire bike and hit the trail for a two-wheeled challenge.

Many of our favorite attractions feature the great outdoors. Always breathtaking. Always open.

Of course, Bandon also offers great shopping, arts, and cultural experiences.

We’re confident you’ll find fun things to do with the whole family.

Discover the Wonders of Bandon: Find your Trip Itinerary

Located in the heart of the Southern Oregon Coast, Bandon serves as an ideal hub for exploring this wild and section corner of the world. With a multitude of exhilarating adventures suitable for all ages, Bandon offers an array of half-day to multi-day excursions tailored to diverse interests.

To assist you in selecting your starting point, we have crafted a diverse range of itineraries catering to various passions. Whether your heart yearns for exploration, rejuvenation, or both, Bandon guarantees to ignite your wanderlust and invigorate your spirit.

So, pack your bags and embark on a remarkable journey to Bandon, where “Our Attractions are Always Open.”