Shopping, Dining, History, Art, Culture & Outdoor Recreation Await

Discover the Charms & Treasures of Old Town Bandon!

Welcome to Bandon’s Old Town! Get ready to explore 10 square blocks bursting with shopping, dining, history, art, culture, and outdoor fun.

Whether you have an hour to spend or a whole day, immerse yourself in our cherished historic business district. Conveniently located just off Highway 101 South, along the scenic Coquille River waterfront.

Come and wander. Discover our charms and treasures. We can’t wait to show you around!

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Bandon’s Old Town shopping district offers a delightful sensory experience. Indulge in delectable treats, luxurious threads, captivating art, and an array of playthings for all ages. Our charming boutiques and galleries showcase unique products and services curated by passionate independent business owners. They take pride in serving both locals and visitors who bring joy to their day.

With a legacy spanning decades, esteemed merchants like Bandon Card and Gift Shoppe, The Big Wheel General Store, Cranberry Sweets, and Second Street Gallery have cultivated a loyal following. Their commitment to delivering top-notch products and services keeps shoppers coming back for more.

Feast on Local, Regional & Seasonal Cuisine

Discovering a delectable meal in Old Town Bandon is a breeze. Whether you’re yearning for succulent seafood, a delectable combination of land and sea, or a satisfying vegetarian feast, Bandon has it all.

From quick bites to extravagant multi-course dining experiences, the options are endless.

And, don’t hesitate to inquire about seasonal seafood and locally sourced delights, including a wide selection of Oregon wines, brews, and spirits

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Crabbing in Bandon

Engage in Art, Culture & Outdoor Recreation on the Coquille River

On the southern bank of the Coquille River, gentle waves caress the boats at the marina while seagulls gracefully soar above, their cries echoing through the air. 

As you leisurely stroll along, be sure to admire the marvelous view of the Coquille River lighthouse and observe the seals playfully bobbing in the marina. Our pedestrian-friendly boardwalk offers cozy nooks with inviting benches, perfect for pausing and savoring the picturesque scenery.

Embark on a fishing or crabbing adventure from your boat or cast your net directly from the charming Webber’s Pier. No special knowledge or skills required. Businesses on the boardwalk will rent you what you need, answer your questions, and will even cook your catch for you!

Along with the natural, outdoor activities, Old Town boasts a myriad of cultural attractions, including public art displays showcasing unique wood sculptures and the  much-anticipated annual Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show. 

For an enriching experience, make a visit to the Washed Ashore Art to Save the Sea exhibit in The Warehouse, where you can marvel at captivating public art installations, participate in engaging workshops, and deepen your understanding of marine life through educational programs.


Enjoy Year-Round Events

Throughout the year, Old Town buzzes with activity, reaching its peak during the 4th of July celebration, the annual September Cranberry Festival, and the winter holidays. Events featuring live music and good food pop up routinely when the locals crave more. Bandon has a back beat you don’t want to miss.

Stay informed about upcoming special events by keeping an eye on the Bandon Event Calendar. Discover and experience the vibrant spirit of Old Town!

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