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Fresh Pick: Farmer tips for a great U-Pick experience in Bandon

berry picking, Valley Flora Farm, Langlois, Oregon

Sunshine, fresh air, and ripe fruit. What could be sweeter than a visit to a nearby U-Pick farm?

Blueberries, strawberries, and loganberries all grow well on the Southern Oregon Coast. In addition to U-Pick, farms may offer pre-picked or frozen berries, handmade berry preserves and sauces, and other fresh produce.

Harvest seasons depends on the climate each year, and vary by farm location. Expect farms in and around Bandon to open between June and July, with some produce available through September.

Farmers offer these tips for a great U-Pick experience.

Before you go

  • Call ahead, or visit farm websites, to check farm hours, prices and product availability.
  • BYO berry containers. Most farms offer picking containers and bags for takeaway, but supplies may be limited.
  • Grab a cooler to keep your produce fresh while you’re traveling in the car.
  • Protect your skin from sunburn with a hat and sunscreen.

On the farm

  • Follow posted directions for parking and picking.
  • Keep pets away from fields or picking areas, and refrain from smoking.
  • Remember you are visiting a working farm: Avoid farm equipment, and watch for trip hazards, such as irrigation valves, hose bibs and uneven ground.


Valley Flora Farm, June


Photos by Geneva Miller, courtesy of Bandon Western World.