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Circles in the Sand: Experience a Bandon beach labyrinth

bandon beach labyrinth hansen

Experience one of a kind beach labyrinths in Bandon, Oregon.

The ocean sweeps Bandon beaches twice every day, revealing a fresh canvas for labyrinth artist Denny Dyke.

What began as a solo pastime has grown to a community experience. Team Circles creates sand labyrinths surrounded by intricate designs and artwork.  

“The more people visit me on the sand, the more it keeps me coming back,” said Dyke.

Labyrinths are an ancient form of walkable art, designed for meditation and reflection. On the Bandon beach, the twisting paths mimic the tidal ebb and flow, turning and returning. No two labyrinths are the same.

In 2024, Circles in the Sand celebrates its tenth season in Bandon. The goal is to share love, joy. and kindness.  They invite everyone to enjoy a walk on the sand path.

Check the Bandon Event Calendar for labyrinth times and locations.

Top image by Pam Hansen. Bottom image by Susan Dimock.