Standout Presentation: Bandon Business Fair 2016

Congratulations! Bandon businesses scored points with event guests and fellow chamber members at the third Bandon Business Fair in April 2016.

Our chamber members delivered an impressive array of products, information, interactive games and customer rewards. Feedback from event participants was highly positive. Well done!


STANDOUT PRESENTATION • Editor’s Picks by Geneva Miller

As editor for the Bandon Chamber newsletter, the Bandon Business Fair is an event I look forward to with eager anticipation– I can observe and interact with business reps in a unique environment and let them surprise me with new products and information. Here are my picks for memorable, surprising, standout event presentations.


1st Choice: Bandon Ace Hardware invited visitors to don protective goggles and ear muffs, then drill screws into a wood block. Contestants were timed, and the three participants with the shortest drill times won prizes.

2nd Choice: Bandon Playhouse offered a Name that Show challenge with a prize to the visitor who could identify the most Playhouse productions from archival photos.

Departure from the Table

1st Choice: Vacasa and Beach Loop Realty brought in their own furniture– sideboard, loveseat, coffee table– to give visitors a homey welcome.

2nd Choice: The Heat Pump Store set up a heat pump with working fan for a tactile conversation piece.

Verbal Business Pitch or Product Description

1st Choice: Sarah Kimball, for Bank of the Cascades, described her company’s business philosophy in a succinct 30 second pitch, noting, “They don’t do lending outside their footprint, so the investments are local.”

2nd Choice: Rick Stillwagon, for Stillwagon Distillery, described the Brookings, Oregon farm that supplies the exotic fruit for the distillery’s Feijoa Rum as he served a sample of a light cocktail.

Print Sales Informational Display

1st Choice: Coastal Mist Fine Chocolates and Desserts oversized vinyl banners were easy to see and read from a distance. They used portable stands to lift banners above the average height of most booth displays for better visibility.

2nd Choice: Pacific View Assisted Living and Memory Care displayed a flier that clearly stated they presently have two apartments available with an invitation to book a tour.

Event Print Program Business Pitch or Product Description

1st Choice: Cardas Photography noted awards and let customers know how their needs will be met when they book a wedding package. “. . . At the end of the day, the ring, the partner and memories are all that remain. Trust us to capture it all for you.”

2nd Choice: Southern Coos Health Foundation let donors know exactly how their contributions are spent. “. . . When you donate to Southern Coos Health Foundation, you help assure that quality care remains available close to come, in Bandon, should you or someone you know become ill or injured.”

Educational Feature

Bandon IT’s booth featured touchable computer hardware.

Natural Touch

Beautifica Garden & Landscape Design decked their booth with live plants.

Use of Event for Business Intro or Rebranding

Broken Anchor Bar and Grill, opening in May 2016; and Sage Place new Discovery Center, opening in July 2016.

Photos by Geneva Miller and Julie Miller.