Prepare Oregon For An Uncertain Future

15th Oregon Leadership Summit: Is Oregon Future Ready?

Oregon Business Plan .org

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Oregon Leadership Summit is Oregon’s premiere economic policy event, where urban and rural leaders from across Oregon’s public and private sectors gather to shape policies for the year ahead with the aim of creating jobs, raising incomes, and reducing poverty across our state.

Is Oregon Future Ready?

This year’s event will focus on preparing Oregon for an uncertain future.

The imbalance between revenues and rapidly growing PERS and other government expenditures is already exacting a heavy toll on public services, especially education. Left unaddressed, Oregon’s unfunded liabilities will trap the state in a downward financial spiral that lasts for more than a decade, threatening our economy and quality of life. How can Oregonians come together now with a bipartisan plan to address this fiscal crisis before it is too late?

At the same time, evolving technologies are rapidly reshaping the future of work and opportunities for Oregonians to make a living. Many experts predict more technological change will occur in the next ten years than occurred in the last thirty. This has implications for everything from the jobs we do, to the way we educate Oregonians, to the way we get around. The Summit will feature experts on the future of technology and work and ask participants to consider what challenges and opportunities it presents for Oregon’s economy and public services.

Plus, breakout sessions on a variety of important topics from infrastructure to workforce training to forest policy.

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