Use your Legislative Scorecard

Message from the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

Dear OSCC Members & Supporters –

We are getting into political season again!  You may be in the process of making your endorsements for local and legislative races.


Your Legislative Scorecard is a very solid tool to use to inform your legislative endorsements.

We would offer you the following guideposts for your consideration as you make endorsements:

1. Any legislator with a 70% or better OSCC score should be worthy of your endorsement. They have earned it with tough votes in support of our position.
2. Any legislator with a 60% – 70% OSCC score – tread lightly and treat these races in context. Anyone who scores less than 70% did not take many tough votes for the local business community.
3. Any legislator with a 50% – 60% OSCC score – tread lightly again. The chances are these legislators were lobbied heavily on business issues but voted against us. You may even very justifiably consider supporting a promising opponent.
4. Any legislator with less than 50% means that this legislator really did not take any tough votes at all for the local business community. It should trigger serious consideration for another candidate who will be better on small business issues.

Good luck in your endorsement process!  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek counsel.

JL Wilson, Legislative Counsel

View the OSCC legislative scorecard at the Oregon State Chamber website.

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