Minimum wage legislation, February 2016

Proposed Oregon minimum wage increase has prompted opposition from businesses and elected representatives across the state.

In a February letter to Oregon legislators, Coos County Commissioners expressed opposition to any minimum wage legislation in the 2016 session, noting, “We believe the proposals are fiscally irresponsible and would further increase the urban/rural divide, rather than uniting us as one Oregon. It would cause low paying, entry level jobs such as call centers to locate in depressed rural areas and manufacturing and industrial jobs to locate in the Portland metro region, further exacerbating poverty in our most challenged areas of the state.”

The Coalition to Defend Oregon Jobs has published a report citing potential consequences of a dramatic increase in minimum wage. Topics include minimum wage impact on schools, local governments and small businesses. The coalition represents several Oregon business organizations, including the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, and Oregon Farm Bureau.
The 2016 legislative session is scheduled to adjourn March 5, so contact your representatives soon, if you would like to add your voice to the debate.

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