2020 Bandon Cranberry Harvest Celebration

Cranberry Harvest

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 Bandon Cranberry Festival has been postponed until 2021! Bandon looks forward to seeing you here next year, September 10-12, 2021.

In the meantime, for 2020, the Bandon Chamber of Commerce is inviting the public to participate in the Bandon Cranberry Harvest Celebration, a VERY modified substitute for 2020 Bandon Cranberry Festival. The Chamber deliberated long and hard about just not doing anything, but the Board of Directors wanted to honor the community’s Cranberry tradition the best way possible in these uncertain times.

During the month of September 2020, Bandon will host several events in recognition of the 2020 Cranberry Harvest Celebration. Currently planned events are outlined below.  All events are subject to change without notice based on COVID-19 mandates.

The 2020 Cranberry Court will be honored at several celebrations. Judging of the Cranberry Court’s talent, presentations, etc., will be a closed event, but recorded and streamed on Facebook for all to enjoy. The Cranberry Queen Coronation will be performed at an undisclosed location, but also streamed for later viewing.

The Blessing of the Harvest will be closed, with the Court and Clergy attending. After the event, the ceremony will be streamed on Facebook for all to enjoy.

This year, Cranberry Kitchen will be a virtual, Facebook event. The public is invited to make your favorite Cranberry recipe, take a picture, and post it along with the recipe on the Cranberry Kitchen Facebook Event page. Pictures and recipes may also be sent to the Chamber for posting.

During the month of September, the Bandon Historical Society Museum is presenting a virtual Cranberry’s Past Celebration, and is asking the community to share their memories of Cranberry’s Past. The Museum also has their annual presentation of Cranberry Queens’ dresses currently on display. During the weekend of the traditional festival, September 12 & 13, the 1965 Cranberry Queen, Sharon Ward Moy, and her husband Doug are sponsoring Free Admission to the museum.

The 2020 Cranberry Trail will be featured online. All businesses selling and featuring anything Cranberry can register and be listed on Facebook. By following the Cranberry Trail throughout town, the public is encouraged to satisfy their “Cranberry Cravings,” whether it’s a Cranberry-inspired piece of art, a piece of candy, or a pancake!

A Cranberry Harvest Beach Walk will be sponsored by the Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center. The walk is tentative based on weather and volunteer availability.

During the harvest celebration, there will be a Paint the Town Cranberry business decorating contest. Businesses are encouraged to decorate in all forms of Cranberry. Judging will be held on September 21, with the winner announced September 23. Get your creative juices flowing. It is for all businesses, not just retail!

Random Cranberry Eating Contests may pop up online. Keep watching…

Follow along with what’s planned at www.bandon.com/events/.

Thank You!


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