Cost Containment Proposals: 2017 Joint Committee on Tax Reform

2017 Oregon Education Investment Initiative
Joint Committee on Tax Reform

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Leadership Plan Highlights
Savings from Cost Containment Proposals
Goal: $400 million in cost containment and $250 in targeted cuts in 2017-19

Proposals are being priced, and there is a leadership commitment to making the cost of state government more sustainable, including targeted cuts.

Potential savings from:
• PERS – future cost-sharing with employees
• PEBB/OEBB – merge the plans for efficiencies, implement price controls on
non-primary care charges
• Public Safety Savings – avoid the need for new prison beds before 2025
• Administrative – no inflation adjustment on services and supplies when building current service level, manage vacancies/new FTEs more effectively

Information shared by the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce:

Alison Hart, CAE Executive Director

JL Wilson, Legislative Counsel

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