Legislative News and Bandon Chamber Member Communication

To Bandon Chamber Members and Readers:

While the Bandon Chamber of Commerce operates as a non-political chamber, that certainly does not mean we don’t pay close attention to what’s happening in Salem during current legislative sessions. Quite the contrary, we understand that many of the issues raised on the legislative floor have the potential to profoundly impact businesses and business leaders on the Southern Oregon Coast, including members of the Bandon Chamber of Commerce.

Being a non-political chamber of commerce simply means that the Bandon Chamber of Commerce does not put forth resources to support particular agendas and legislation through a political action committee or another avenue. However, we work closely with the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce — an organization that’s actively involved in steering legislation toward business-friendly policies — which closely monitors important issues for us.

Throughout this legislative session, they will regularly provide us with updates about issues their leaders have identified as critical to business, jobs and overall economic growth. These issues include transportation investments, expansion of small business tax cuts, career and technical education, workforce development, community development, tourism, and the utilization of natural resources.

So, while we don’t lobby, we closely monitor these and other issues and strive to connect our members to issues that most impact them. As part of this effort, we will regularly post legislative updates to our member blog and newsletter from the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, as well as other business and public organizations. We do this not to influence you to support a particular agenda, but to ensure that our members can remain an informed, educated and active citizenry.

For more information about these legislative updates or to discuss specific issues important to you, please contact Julie Miller, executive director of the Bandon Chamber of Commerce, via email: julie@bandon.com, or by calling 541-347-9616.

Thank you for reading.

Julie Miller